As Creeped Out As You Are By Watching This, I'm Living It

by Elias and the Error

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released August 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Elias and the Error Akron, Ohio

Elias and the Error is an art collective from Ohio. Elias Vier composes, performs, and produces the songs, and a community of artists called The Error produces videos, artwork, costumes, and photography to make a complete audio-visual experience. Elias and the Error have toured with Powerman 5000, Polysics, Mushroomhead, Diamond Rings, Gil Mantera's Party Dream, and Zim Zum (of Marilyn Manson.) ... more

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Track Name: No Is My Favorite Word
Do you want go to school?
Don't you want to have a job?
Do you want to run in place?
Don't you want anything at all?
Are you happy with yourself?
Aren't you sworn to tell the truth?
Are you content as an adult?
Aren't you glad to shed your youth?
Will your heart be filled with love?
Won't your brain do as it should?
Will your life be spared of bad?
Won't you only see the good?
Is your smile like angel's?
Isn't your soul as pure as snow?
Since I haven't answered "yes"
Then my favorite word is "no"

So here we go
My favorite word is "no"

Ask all you want and I will still say no
Ask me to stay and I will still go
That's all the proof I need
Say no and I'm set free

Tell me tell me
What's your favorite word to say?
Tell me there's another way
I swing a royal scepter, you'd know it by the smell
Secreting screeching frequencies one octave below Hell

Do you feel like you are free?
Don't you desire to belong?
Were you forgiven of your debts?
Then your favorite word is...

Ask all you want and I will still say no
Ask me to stay and I will still go
That's all the proof I need
Say no and I'm set free

When I was young somebody said
You could have some over if you had some friends
I'm married now, I pay my bills
It's all over now but I hear you still

Hold on a second, I've changed my mind
I have three favorite words now
My new favorite words are "go" and "fuck" and "yourself"

Go fuck yourself
You'll have to beg for my help
I will reclaim
The child from your pain
Track Name: Eating For Two
It's sweet to be a chickadee
When the sky is blue and big
But you can't maintain a nest
When it's hard to come by twigs
Misfortune's end is just beyond the bend
Or so we said
Stitch the other back together
At the price of their own thread

The lovers, they know
One of them is eating for two
She's nervous, it shows
And he's not sure what he wants to do
They're pregnant with doubt
It's certain they won't make it through

It's hopeless, they know
It's worthless, they know
It's impossible and useless and fruitless, they know
It rains on their wings
And their eyes always sting
The voice in their heads incessantly sings

Everyone is happy except you
Everyone's attractive except you
How could that possibly be the truth?
Everyone is happy except you
Is it true?

They're not even phased by a limitation
Or heartbreak because
Days when they feel right are unexpected
And suspicious
He won't pray for victory anymore
She won't say what's on her mind anymore
The work day was long, they're on the floor
One million bucks ain't walking through the door
Track Name: Song From the Spire
Meet The Little Man
He greets you mighty quick
I hear it's clear he's queer, my dear
Be mindful of his tricks
Shake his little hands
Tickle on his feet
He pukes and coughs when he gets off
Then offers you a seat

Oh poor you, so confused
Victim to a keen coup
Had no clue she'd debut
A melody tonight

From above I drop the rope
Dangle it around your nose
Jerk on my string and you'll hear me sing
A song from the spire

Silence! She sings
So prude! No time for suitors
Unsuitable men with less than chaste intent
Often pursue her
She doesn't mind at all, you see
The men of the village at her feet
The men of the village on their knees
These men will not receive release
Piqued, they claim, "But I'm replete
Equipped with all things that you need
You prig, you tease, I've no disease
Please proceed with "The Gentleman's Squeeze!"

Make no hobby of disquisition
Nature is a tune but you just won't listen
Erections on legs, bumbling up the hill
Little Man, earn your keep!
Dose me with the Paradise Pills!

Oh poor you
Track Name: Polykron
Now that we're free to speak the truth
I care more about this than you
I won't give up that's what you do
I care more about this than you

I care about you
You care more about you

Clock yourself, Polykron, tick tock tick
No one will ever know I feel sick
I must go, take me home, won't be missed
Find a way for me to not exist

Midnight hands touch, tamed by the tone
Only myself when I'm alone
Stoned, I pass the time in headphones
Only myself when I'm alone
Track Name: Blue Collar Blackface
I know my fate, I wait my turn
I left the note, I bought the urn

Blue collar blackface every day
Their laughter sounds like buzzing flies on a steak
Your contract lenses I can see underneath
Forks to the king's walls
You're going to practice what you preach

Another screw comes loose
Another expendable workers falls to the street
I left today, I worked, I hurt, I see my face

Certainly a mutiny is what we need
Don't you agree?
You were never one of us
Track Name: Gods Behold (Hell Unfolds)
Four horns sound, four bells toll
Four mares ride, gods behold

"Let's create a monster,
The receipe's right here,
Deny him of validation,
Fertilize his fears!"

Excoti: "Shut up now, give me the book!"
Emito: "It's upside down."
Entopra: "Let's have a look."
Erzatu: "You three have it all wrong you see
Turn to the chart on page 73."

Emito: "This potion will not stir itself."
Excoti: "Well, where's the spoon?"
Entopra: "Upon the shelf!"
Erzatu: "Focus now, you simple three
Leave this experiment to me!"

As creeped out as you are
By watching this I'm living it

Entopra: "Pardon me, go have a seat
I will see this task complete!"
Excoti: "First you'll have to get through me!"
Emito: "Must I seperate you three?"

Erzatu: "Who would order such a task?"
Excoti: "Don't ask me, they picked me last."

As creeped out as you are
By watching this I'm living it

Emoti: "Quit, you lot!"
Entopra: "It's done!"
Erzatu: "It glows!"
Excoti: "Shit, it's hot!""
Entopra: "You're dumb."
Emoti: "We know!"
Excoti: "I bet it needs some passion!"
Emito: "I feel it needs some heart."
Entopra: "Do you think our project is ready for a grade?"
Erzatu: "Let us show the gods what we have made!"

Four horns sound, four bells toll
Four mares ride, gods behold, Hell unfolds

"Simpletons, touched in the head
Useless needles void of thread
You must not take direction well
Your skulls are not eggs, but unoccupied shells
A major step was missed, though you're hearing this too late
Yes, you robbed him of his bliss but you taught him to create!"

As creeped out as you are
By watching this I'm living it now
Track Name: Pierre's Lion
Christmas was meaningless, New Year's Day
Goodbye to everyone, I'm not afraid
Lion knocks at the door, let him in
I don't care anymore, I can't win
Receipt from the drug store, just in case
Made sure that it will work, my blue face
Two floors above the ground, there I spin
I don't care anymore, I give in

Pierre was aware
The beast in the room had always been there
Pierre falls without fear
That was the first time a meal volunteered

Sitting above in the loft, drug-erased
My last living moment, smile on my face
At least, I can have peace, start the fall
The beast waiting for me, unhinged jaws

Pierre to his surprise
Sees familiar puppy dog eyes
"Zero, my friend! I've missed you the most!"
The boy and his dog reunited as ghosts

"I'm so happy that you are here today
I would like it if we had time to play
But there's something more that I need to say

Though I left you so many years ago
Always I love you and you're not alone
Waiting by her phone, distant Scorpio

I was very sick and I watched you cry
Sometimes it can hurt just to be alive
But you can, you could, yes, you will survive

Never meant to leave you so suddenly
Felt your wish for me, sobbing privately
Now that I am here, will you promise me?

Don't you cry for me, you won't let me down!
It's not time for you to lie in the ground
What am I to do to care for you now?

I must hurry now, our time's ending soon
In my final thought that I share with you
Before I return you back to that room

Leave this world and you leave a hole
The shape of your quixotic soul"
We kiss goodbye, "Oh, I know you're strong
Your flaws will pen their favorite songs
You will meet with your friend again
But not until your story ends
Your blood still beats and I know, I checked
Now's your chance, release your neck!"

The ball has dropped, the couples kiss
Another holiday I've missed
My foot is reaching for the stairs
My lungs are nearly drained of air
"Yes! I'm here! The cord is slack
My love, my life, I want it back."
I catch my breath then hear a bark
"Are you still there?" I ask the dark

Between my fingers a clump of fur
A howl that no one else had heard
The beast whose maw could swallow Earth
A curse, a breath, a life, a birth

These days I'm living very differently
Above that dog is always watching me
An indifferent god who left me to die
That old friend of mine brought me back to life
So I say to you, if you're like Pierre
You must find your truth, I can't take you there
This is my story and I have to share
You are somebody and somebody cares
Track Name: Everyone's Waiting
You can't take a picture of this
Because it's already gone
Los Angeles area code
But I decline the call
I'm just not enough and the pay's not too much
So she sat me down
"My roots have been here for too many years
You won't miss this town
The mortgage was signed, I changed my last name
That's just how it went
Answer that call, hit the highway
I won't let you make the same mistake

"Everyone is waiting for you
We want you to make your dreams come true
You can borrow what we have
Even if it's not much
We're with you all the way
Even if you fuck up
You don't have to earn our love"

When I get that first check, I know what it buys
Every penny to the women in my life
My mother gave me art, my grandma made me wise
And it's easy to accept myself when I'm with my wife