Aren't We So Lucky to Be Alive?

by Elias and the Error

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released May 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Elias and the Error Akron, Ohio

Elias and the Error is an art collective from Ohio. Elias Vier composes, performs, and produces the songs, and a community of artists called The Error produces videos, artwork, costumes, and photography to make a complete audio-visual experience. Elias and the Error have toured with Powerman 5000, Polysics, Mushroomhead, Diamond Rings, Gil Mantera's Party Dream, and Zim Zum (of Marilyn Manson.) ... more

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Track Name: All You Ever Think About Is Death
Life gets in the way of feeling good about my life

Preceding death
It can only end in death
You can only see the death
Let's make it final, death

All you ever think about is death
All you ever think about is how it's gonna end

Oh oh, Orlando
You suffer in advance

Death gets in the way of feeling life without the end

Fixating death

Live your life to prove it's there
I can see my death but I don't care
Take me now, I've seen my share
I can see my death but I don't care
Track Name: Evil
Don't wanna walk so I'm calling a car
Should probably walk because I'm not going far
Message received, send and deceive
I do not reply 'cause you're seeing me soon
I'm in line for the ride
You must be this tall to ride
She gets Oliver Pleasure from making you sick

I won't worry, I'm not gonna worry
You'll do what you do 'cause you're evil
You're not sorry, you were never sorry
It turned out this way 'cause you're evil

If this is a dream, I'm not gonna wake up
But you were on hand to give me the shake up
Pouring water on me about the men in your life
If I gave you something, I want it all back now
You're jerking and looping, you're acting all wack now
Laying errors on me about the cuts on your arm
You said I was late, that I was too poor
You're calling my house, you're at the front door
Spinning stories to me about how sorry you are
And you're really fucking sorry
Track Name: Get This Fag Out of Here
Reflect - I'm gonna give it to you
Protect - give it to you faster

Oh, I'm gonna give it to you
Give it to you faster
Keep it goin' till you say
Get this fag out of here

I don't need a smokescreen to give it to you

Secret - I'm gonna give it to you
Shameful - give it to you faster

You lost the vote, your life, your wife
That shame, that dirty feeling
Something you should not have done
You've got the tabloids reeling
You did your best to kill the bills
That made your sex OK
I guess you just could not accept
That you were born this way
Track Name: Alex
Alex, isn't it so sour?
The politics of their world between us now
And I wonder is there a place
For us to escape

Alex, you make me feel
Like breaking glass is the only way to heal
From the coldness that you show
And you ought to know

Alex, to be an insect under your feet
Well, I can think of nothing so sweet
And you know I hate you 'cause I can't have you
Alex, will you toss your coin in my wishing well
You're unaware that you're casting a spell
And you know I love you 'cause I can't be you
Alex, you're burning holes into my brain
Why can't you see that we are the same?
Oh Alex, there's no need to be ashamed

Alex, you like to play coy
You pretend as if I'm not a boy
And I know you find the scene
So petrifying

Alex, you showed me your home
You told me about what you do alone
And I tried to leave a clue
That I do it, too
Track Name: I Knew You Before You Were Rich
I see no shame, baby, in living this life
I keep my wits, you should try it some time
When I get it back in spades
You better deal me some cards
I don't have to stack the deck
I'm the king of your heart, bitch

Your turn to speak, tell me what you think
Your turn to speak, what's that you're saying to me?

I knew you before you were rich
When you weren't a bitch

Love it or leave it, like it matters to me
I got my stars, that's all that I see
When you come into my office
Better know who's the boss
Break it then you buy it
Can you fathom the cost, you whore?
Track Name: Aren't We So Lucky to Be Alive? Part 1
If you care little for your friends
Then you must accept this
If you care little for your family
Then you must accept this
If you care little for your lover
Then you must accept this
If you care little for your life
Then you must accept this

Loss comes to those who don't care
Those foolish enough to think life isn't worth their time
But loss does not spit you out on the other side
Loss sinks you in-between worlds

For some, it takes loss to understand they had something to lose

Aren't we so lucky to be alive?
Track Name: Always at Odds
I am the outlaw prophet
I erase the ego suggestion
The answers that you think hold up the walls
Come without asking questions
You want to hold it in your hand
Beyond your understanding
You want to dig under the lines
I call it undermining

Free, set it free
Volunteer the cost
We're always at odds

No longer abstract my backbone
But the mania still feels right
Ignore the halting hands
We're gonna get you there tonight
You put the prison in your mind
Ignore the indication
You want the master for yourself
I call it masturbation

You were stoned like a mountain
Or just shouting on glue
The music's so much better when I'm without you
You laugh at what's forbidden
But the music's so much better
When I break up with you
Running out of clinics afraid of the pills
Don't let 'em know the familiar is ready to kill
Circumstance pumps a load on to what you'll be
The confusion's just a courtesy
Track Name: Riot
Hey human, why you talkin' to me?
You think you saw what you thought that you see
What I know is that I'm nothing like you humans at all

Underneath your deprecating sign
You've got a skull and I think if you try
You know I'm only gonna see the situation my way

Hey, I'm not afraid to be, nor am I ashamed to be
I think you're ready for the riot

Lucky for you, you'll never know what it's like
Happy for you, you never put up a fight

Not too worried 'bout grenades or guns
Or the coffin where you're seeing your son
Don't you wonder why he's in there in the first place at all?

Doesn't matter if you happen to die
'Cause you got a magic ghost in the sky
I never liked your imaginary friends anyway

You think you know what you want
But you just wanna take it from me
You tried, there's no way out
Motherfucker, are you ready to see?
Track Name: Aren't We So Lucky to Be Alive? Part 2
No, another night
I'm plagued by the thought that I could have
Done something differently
To change the broken gears I need
Life's a gas when you're young and rich
Life's just fine when you're cute and thin
I'll never be any of those things
And the bottom hits now

Aren't we so lucky to be alive?
Aren't we so lucky to live this life?
I don't really think I can make it through like you do
Aren't we so lucky to be alive?
Are we really more than killing time?
I don't really think I can make it through like you do

No, another time
I'm scarred by the thought that I perceive
What people think of me
The self-conscious fear that I feed
Tonight I just want to destroy myself
He said it before
Tonight I just want to explode myself

Destruction has no impact
When no one cares to watch
Track Name: Ghost Man, Man
Do you want me to call my attorney, girl?

Floating high on stereo instrumental
My chrysanthemums, essentially they're non-essential
I can get it up, it doesn't need a magic station
What's this fluid now?

The barrel sounds
Red is such a complimentary color

Do you love the power? Does it get you off?
Do you love the violence? Can you turn and cough?
Does it get you hard? 'Cause it made me cry
Can you make things right when I shut my eyes?

Do you like the one repetition culture, girl?

You instructed me to brace for imminent destruction
Choke my attempts at catharsis level-four discussion
It took away the rights you said that you would never waiver
What's this swelling now?

Hey man, are you trying to flag that car?
Look at him, he's asleep

It doesn't make me angry anymore
It just blisters my psyche
I wonder what you're really doing right now
I bet you're stealing a bike
How could you keep this inside for so long?
I thought you said on a dare
That if we're anybody else but ourselves
That you would never have never cared

Do you like the opaque bubble of fear repression?

It has been so long now
But you're so strong in my mind
When I asked your mother to describe you
She said "Loving and kind."

You're just a ghost, man, just a ghost man, man

Some things just stick with you forever
And now we'll always be together
With you I connected, so grateful am I
Then you connected with my eye
It hurts when you hit me then ask me for everything
It hurts when I see that you're asking for anything

I should've turned and walked away
The first time I met you
Track Name: My Sex
Fence climb window peek romance
Cake throw table top romance
Light beer khaki pants romance
Body type lights off romance

You don't like me, no
You don't like me because you don't know my sex

Bowtie cufflink facade
Soft light Photoshop facade
Pomade white teeth facade
Cigarette motorcycle facade

Vestida pintada
Cerebro comida
Sexo empache
Viva la muxe
Track Name: Aren't We So Lucky to Be Alive? Part 3
Used to want the end to come
Now I don't wanna stop
Gonna brave the weather
'Til I reach the lowest low
There's pain I want to know
You can tell time but you can't rewind

Left of center is where I chose to walk
Where I chose to cry while you were laughing
At my choice of dress, the way I talk
All my brittle skin you were attacking

Don't tell me, tell me I'll make it
'Cause I'm already here

Aren't we lucky to be alive?
Aren't we lucky? Oh aren't we?

By myself is how I chose to live
How I choose to die, if you're asking
I won't wait for anyone again
I won't let them in

I was made to feel like less
Now I feel like I'm the best
Peel the shell outside my heart
I won't wait for life to start

These days I know what I'm worth
Take credit for my rebirth
Pushed me down and made me strong
Now I live to prove you wrong
Track Name: Now I'm Fine
I learned how to use my mouth
And you don't like it one bit
You keep on nailing up walls
As if I'm giving a shit

I couldn't speak my mind, or was I never allowed?
It used to freak me out but now I'm fine

Now I'm fine without you
Telling me what I can choose
Now I'm fine without you, oh yes, I'm fine

I learned how to make 'em dance
But you're not moving your ass
You cry 'cause the times are changing
Now you're stuck in the past

I couldn't love myself 'cause I didn't know how
It used to feel so down but now I'm fine
Track Name: Aren't We So Lucky to Be Alive? Part 4
It's getting late, so let's turn in
Your touch can heal my mind 'cause it's hurting
I'm feeling weak, but I won't quit
I came here to finish what I started

I'm not lucky I just waited my turn
I'm not lucky I just had a lot to learn

I'm not lucky to be alive
Lucky that I got you on my side this time
I'm not lucky to be alive
Lucky that I got it figured out inside

There's a me that is not me
He's responsible for the evil, you see
There's a place I want to go
Put a finger to my lips and tell me you know

I think that I can live now, I think I'm living now
I think that I can live now, don't want to die somehow
I think that I can live now, I have a future now
I think that I can live now, I'm remedied somehow

You looked in my eyes and saw through my disguise
You looked at my faults and said "it's not your fault."
You looked at my past and knew that it had passed
You looked in my eyes and saw through my disguise

There's the one I want to have
He's smart and tall and a beautiful man
I think that I can live now, I think I love it now
I think that I can live now, I think you love me somehow
Track Name: Kanuu
Can you hear me?
I can't make you listen
But I can make you hear me
I'm feeling hijacked again
I'm a fleshy ball of fear
Have I forgotten all of the good things you've done for me?
And if I have, can you understand?
I haven't asked you to stop living your life for me
But if I did, can you understand?

I'm running, arms flailing, towards happiness
Even if that only means I'm outrunning the darkness
And if it did, can you understand?

There's one question that you ask me
When I answer its always a lie

One is pink, the other is blue
If I can't understand, can you?
One is round, the other square
Are you going to be there?

I remember DC, that was the best night of my life
Can you understand?
He reached out, his eyes watering, he held my hand
I think when he looks at me he knows I'm as sad as him
I drove towards oncoming traffic in the rain to "No Conclusion"
Track Name: Mijuana
You make me wanna slap myself for all the times I said I'd never love anyone again

You make me wanna brush my teeth
You make me wanna be a freak
Help me get quality sleep
You got me counting the weeks

You make me wanna move out
You make me wanna shout
I'm over feeling my doubt
I'm gonna go and find out

You make me wanna hold hands
Make me believe in romance
You make me wanna dance
But I always want to dance

You make me wanna get rich
And become less of a bitch
You make me wanna get hard
I mean like really hard

You make me wanna get dressed
You make me less depressed
You make me wanna confess
I'm so fucking obsessed

You make me wanna be original, I mean like, do something nobody has ever done before
You make me wanna only sing for you and I hope that when I do you'll lie and say its the best that you've ever heard

You make me wanna see more
I wanna take you on tour
You make me scared that you're bored
You make me feel like a whore

But if you let me I'll be your whore
And you'll never be bored
So, if you want me say nothing more

You make me wanna get fit
You make me wanna commit
I know the world don't permit
They make me wanna get sick

You make me wanna get nude
You make me wanna get lewd
You get me in the mood
You make me want a tattoo

You make me wanna get drunk
Maybe then would we fuck?
You make me feel like junk
But only when you don't call

You make me wanna go to Spain
But if that isn't your thing
We could go to Paris instead
You said that you speak French

You make me wanna cook
You make me wanna read books
You got me saving my energy
I like it when you give me those looks

You make me wanna be tall
You make me wanna punch walls
I'll meet you in the mall inside a bathroom stall

You make me want to be myself
You make me want to be someone else
Track Name: B Where U R
Had a dream that started like a nightmare
When I woke I saw you sleeping right there
Hand to chest, I feel the rapid thump thump
Is this love?

The hand that grips too tight will crush
But I won't have my fingers let you through

I'm not guilty, I just want to be where you are
Be where you are, I just want to be where you are

I feel sick and I don't know what I can do
I'm afraid my love is gonna smother you
Say you need a little time to be yourself
I do, too

I just want to be where you are
I just hope you want me there, too